Feminine Christ ~ The Lost Shakti Teachings


Creation is a Love Story….

Creation is a Sacred Marriage…

Creation is Cosmic Ecstatic Birth…

The Feminine Christ is returning, as prophesied, to unite into Sacred Marriage, agape – spiritual Divine Love from the subtle realms of spirit – with eros, the sensual, Primordial Love of the embodied realm of matter, which are both complimentary expressions of the infinite Source of Creation and Love.

The Feminine Christ comes to rebirth the Way of Love, a path of redemption and resurrection within our sacred bodies, within our hearts and Souls.

She reminds us that the highest and deepest sacrament is pleasure, ecstasy, love.

She brings the healing salve, salvation, to our wounds of separation and suffering – to the mistaken idea that we are set apart from the infinite love and mercy of our Creator, or the magical co-creative weave of the Web of Life that supports us.

In her Shining Womb of renewal, the Feminine Christ dissolves our psychic wounds that have pitted man against woman, humankind against Mother Gaia, dark against light. She reminds us of our connection, our longing for Union.

The Feminine Christ unveils her bridal face so that we can remember who we truly are, and celebrate a world of life, renewal, communion and creativity.

She calls us to embrace the qualities of kindness, compassion, intimacy, pleasure, giving, receiving, tolerance, nurturance, abundance, sacred sexuality, sacred family, friendships of the heart, to remember we are all brothers and sisters. 

In this wave of breathtaking love, She allows us to let go of conditioned psychic, spiritual, and emotional programs of scarcity, fear, and control; to allow the imprinted notion that pain, suffering and sacrifice are the highest offering to be brought back into the cosmic Cauldron of Renewal to be dissolved into love.

She whispers into our souls, our cells, our hearts to share the eternal knowing that to be Christed means to embody the pure and wild flow of Shakti, life force.

When we surrender to the very foundational forces of Life herself, and soften to allow the oceans and rivers of love to flow through us, we reach At-one-ment.

The Feminine Christ invites us into this Cradle of Union, rebirthing the Wisdom teachings of the ancient Feminine Mystery Schools for a new era, for a New Earth, so we can once again find balance within ourselves and our world.

Magdalene: Return of the Wild Feminine


Magdalene is a wild, wild woman – whirling with Shakti, passion and the primordial forces of creation. She is soft. She is powerful. She is soft power. We so often connect to the soft, loving side of this feminine energy, but we forget, leave out or deliberately avoid her enraptured, wild side. Magdalene is also an enchantress, in its truest sense, pulsing with a sensual, magnetic energy.

She is the Lady in Red, full of passion, power, ecstatic Womb Enlightenment, wisdom, fierce devotion, She sings the Song of Songs with joyful abandon.

She comes bearing a gift – the sexual serpent of life, wild, free, radical, ecstatic.

When we have had our pure sexual energy, our Grail Light, stolen, used, abused or crushed, the light of the Feminine Soul of the World dims. We lose our ‘life force’ our Christ force. The Feminine Christ returns to anoint us once again in the magical balm and elixir of our sacred sexual energy, the primal living liquid light.

This dynamic, Wild Feminine is not limited to the story of one person or priestess – it is a living, vibrant frequency within everyone, calling to be remembered and embodied.

Magdalene means ‘Magic Doorway’, at its deepest levels it is a frequency of Womb Consciousness beckoning us within.

The Grail Light Returns, Womb Consciousness rebirths.

Yeshua: The Return of the Wild Masculine

There is a sacred, primal masculine power that moves in tune with the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos, that aligns itself with the flow of life, not against it. 

This masculinity has fully embraced its Feminine side, He is a deep-sea diver into the Lunar realms of the great Womb oceans of love. He cycles with the Moon, he knows the pulse of Life’s heartbeat – he moves with the in breathe and out breath, he knows when to take right action, and when to surrender it all to love.

From this noble depth of being he births the Wild Masculine, the Primordial Man.

Wild means not being enslaved by false constructs of masculinity, not being imprisoned by the limiting armor, body and heart, of an embattled warrior.

Yeshua returns to reclaim the archetype of a sacred masculinity that is potent, gentle, wise, powerful, soft and loving – that is At-One with the Great Mother.

He is a Womb Shaman, a Lunar Lover, a poet, mystic, healer, teacher, troubador. He holds the signature frequency of soft power and non-violence, which carries with it the deepest strength of devotion, conviction, compassion, and holds the power to shift paradigms, heal what has been broken, and birth new realities.

Yeshua, in Sacred Union with his Beloved, Magdalene, also carries the frequency of the Feminine Christ. A man of love is a man who flows with the very architecture of Creation herself.

This archetype is a living frequency calling for men to remember who they truly are, and no longer give their power away to anything that is not love.

The Wild Masculine’s longing for Union is the bridge that rebirths the world.

The Feminine Christ: The New Ministry


~ To heal the wound imprints of our conception, gestation and birth

~ To restore ecstatic birth rituals and the sanctity of mothering

~ To restore the sanctity and importance of fathering to the world

~ To heal the psychic, emotional and physical wounds of childhood

~ To educate and raise children with love, play and joy – not control

~ To heal addictions/negative patterns from our Core Wound Imprint

~ To unite the masculine and feminine within and without

~ To bring man and woman together in bonding and Sacred Union

~ To return the wisdom teachings of Sacred Sexuality

~ To return the wisdom teachings of Womb Awakening

~ To remember and awaken the blessing of Shamanic Menstruation

~ To restore the physical pleasure-pathways within the body

~ To awaken the Sexual Energetic Gateways of both men and women

~ To heal and awaken the physical body to become a Chalice of Light

~ To restore communion and respect with Mother Gaia and her cycles

~ To restore connection and love with the animal and plant realms

~ To open our physical, feeling and psychic pathways to Divine Love

~ To rebirth the Feminine Arts of healing, herbs, dance, song, crafting

~ To remember and honor Conscious Conception and Conscious Death

~ To feel and be At-One with both Creator and Creation