Magdalene Movement Mandala

Dancing the Womb Circle, Awakening the 7 Shamanic Sexual Veils/ Grail Gates of Cosmic Womb Consciousness

Sophia at the side of Creator: “I was at her side to the sound of music, dancing before her the whole time, dancing upon the far-flung Earth, delighting in the sons and daughters of humanity” (based on a translation of Proverbs 8:30-31 by the Bishop of Innsbruck in his Ph.D. thesis on Sophia). People12

It is said that Mary Magdalene would Dance the Womb Circle around Yeshua, chanting, weaving, incanting the sounds and movements of Love as he prayed and communed with Creator….now the Wisdom returns in this powerful movement meditation.

During the Magdalene Movement Mandala we open into the realms of the Womb Oracles through body-wisdom – weaving mudra, footwork, whirling, prayer, toning, chanting, incantation as we journey through the 7 Grail Gates, also known as the Rose Cross or the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel. The centre, the ‘Rose’, is the Great Womb of Creation – the Holy Void.

This is a powerful shamanic dance experience of Communion to deepen your awareness of what it means to become a ‘Magdalene Womb’  – awakening you into the Cosmic Womb rooting you deep into the Womb of Gaia, and spinning your Shakti magic alive.

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The Feminine Arts of Sacred Dance, Sound Healing and Prayer and Incantation are also practiced and studied in depth on the Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship. The next training begins on October 31st, 2014 – for more details click here