Soul Retrieval – Reclaiming Your Life

Soul Retrieval – Reclaiming Your Life

Healing for those who have experienced the shock of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse…

For people who have suffered serious trauma and shock, such as sexual abuse, emotional and physical violence or rape, part of their consciousness and Life Force is still trapped in a wave of shock and fear, and needs to be released.

A powerful way to heal and ‘come out of shock’ and the sense of denial it causes, is to ‘re-experience’ the event through the safety of words. Writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been found to be deeply healing.

We are often told to get over ‘our story’ – and in some healing and spiritual circles it is thought that we can simply just detach from the past as if it didn’t happen. There is a mistaken concept that if we revisit a past trauma, somehow we will give it more power.

In ancient times, especially those lineages who knew the wisdom of the feminine ways honored the power of story to create a powerful healing portal. Written or spoken word creates a Doorway to safely revisit a past wound or trauma and to integrate the experience by feeling what was too overwhelming to feel at the time. 

In the first study on expressive writing (Pennebaker and Beal 1986), college students wrote for 15 minutes on 4 consecutive days about ‘the most traumatic or upsetting experiences’ of their entire lives, while controls wrote about superficial topics. Participants who wrote about their deepest thoughts and feelings reported significant healings and trauma resolution. 

Fountains of Life’s Seren Bertrand is a Cantadora, an Awenydd, a Spirit Keeper of Storytelling and has spent the last decade listening to and writing about people’s deepest traumas, discovering how they moved from the space of victim to be able to thrive again – fully enjoying and experiencing life.

Four years ago she wrote ‘No Safe Place’ (published by Penguin books) about Emily Christie’s horrific story of childhood abuse – described by a Scottish judge as the worst case he had ever encountered. The process of revisiting the painful details of her experiences, speaking out, and seeing them written down in black and white, catalyzed a profound healing for Emily, who was single and unemployed at the time.

Since then, Emily Christie has married, and is now mother to a brood of young girls and is studying for a degree so she can help others heal.

“Working with Seren Bertrand and putting my story into writing was scary, but also the most liberating and freeing experience of my healing journey so far.

Although I mentally knew the truth and details of my abuse, which replayed over and over in my head, I still had a deep sense of denial and detachment. I could speak about what happened without feeling anything, I had detached from the experience – as if it hadn’t really happened to me, but to someone else.

Being able to get all my thoughts, feelings and experiences onto paper in black and white made me realise that I needed to come out of denial. When I read through all the horror I suddenly connected back to the little girl that was lost and hurt. I deeply felt it was me – not someone else, separate from me. I accepted that I did go through all that pain, and contacted the part of me that had been lost, and frozen in fear. I held my inner little girl, acknowledging her at last.

This gave me a sense of resolution and peace; I realised I could make a choice to feel this and then move forward, to hold my inner child, and set my adult free. The process of the book released me from the past and allowed me to move on. It has given me more strength and helped me get more support – from, family, friends and other women who have experienced abuse.

I would encourage women to share their story, even if it is just for themselves. To reclaim the parts that have shutdown and become lost. It sets you free.”

Emily Christie, 2012