Men: A Call to the Heart

Now is the time for the Sacred Masculine to awaken in a supernova of his primal power, in service to love…

Grail Knight, Divine Masculine HeartToday is the Dawn of a New Epoch of Humanity. We have crossed an incredibly important energetic threshold, into a new era that supports the Return of the Feminine and the Union of Man and Woman. This new era no longer supports masculine creative and spiritual endeavors that are separated from Woman, Relationship and the Earth.

For men, this can be distilled down into one key concept. The time has come for the flowering of the Masculine Heart, the Courageous Lion-Heart of Man that loves powerfully, palpably and physically. The Heart that is invested in Life itself – right here, right now on this earth.

The Masculine Heart loves with total passion and commitment. He loves his own inner child back to life. He loves his woman and children back to life. He loves the world back to life. His love moves mountains – it knows no bounds. He will let nothing stand in the way. It has the power to restore the order of the universe.

But there is a price to pay. That price is Courage and Total Commitment to the Feminine, to Union, to the Ending of Separation. Men must decide what is most important in their lives. Love, or the false financial ‘security’ offered by their job? Love, or the false ‘security’ offered by approval of their friends and family? Love, or any lingering pride and unwillingness to admit their vulnerable emotions?

Where do men stand at the moment? The uncomfortable truth is that the masculine heart is wounded, guarded and lacking in both courage and commitment. Men’s hearts are frequently emotionally detached, distracted by financial concerns, focused on winning or achieving. With the exception of a few brave men, women have led the way in the healing of relationships, the healing of the planet, the healing of emotions, the Return of the Feminine. Women yearn for their men to join them – for men to let their hearts break wide open.

The feminine is ready and waiting to help men heal. But men must make the choice to join women. It is no longer important that men be brave on the battlefield, or be brave in their jobs. The time has come for men to be brave in the arena of Love, to be brave enough to Trust Life itself and let go of control. And that requires the Choice of Commitment, to choose love again and again, come what may. 74205_4868989612186_77900140_n

The primary masculine wound is separation from the Feminine, including separation from a deeply sacred relationship with a woman, separation from their own feelings, and separation from the Earth and her web of life.

It is time for men to make a choice that requires incredible Courage. That choice is Commitment to the Feminine, Commitment to Union.



Artist Credits (in order of appearance): 

Edmund Blair Leighton, 1901

Jean Delville, 1919