True Masculine Essence

A Guardian of the Womb fights only for Love, and ultimately surrenders to its embrace…

All men hold the essence of the true masculine, an essence so deep and powerful, so pure and protective, that it envelops the whole of the earth in the safety of its arms. It is the quality that has been written of, from ancient times, in all myths throughout the ages – it the essence of the hero.

This hero is a human man, with no superpowers, except for his pure heart, his integrity, his wisdom and bravery, and the code of honor etched into his very being.

When a man lives from this place, all of existence conspires to support him, all the powers and energy of Life Force itself stands by his side – and he is invincible in the deepest sense of the word.

Male Shakti is one of the most potent powers on the planet. What are you using it for? What are you living for? Are you fighting against love or for love? Are you fighting from your wounds? From your anger, your fear, your disappointment, and disempowerment? Are you lashing out to hurt others because you have been hurt yourself? Are you programmed to defend because you have felt attacked so many times? Is there a cold place in your heart that no longer cares?

Can you feel the young boy inside, who is angry at life, angry at women, angry at those men who enslave others? Angry at those who have not given love, angry at those who have taken love, then discarded you? Feel how this innocent young boy has contracted against love, numbed out, toughened up. Let him breathe again.

Underneath all the armor, and toughness, his tears still flow.

Ask deep in your Being. Feel your male shakti rise up within you and bring it into your beautiful heart, let it flood your heart with power and innocence, cracking the protective armor you have built up over the years, to protect your wounds, to guard against love.

Allow yourself to open. Allow yourself to trust in life and love again.

Sometimes the fiercest battle male shakti fights is within himself.

Masculine strength also means the courage to surrender to love, to embrace, to tenderness, to the feminine, to the soft whispers of Mother Earth and all her wisdom. To relax into the heart.

A true hero is vulnerable, his heart is open like a child, he listens to love, and is guided by the power of life. He is ready to let the tender embrace of love dissolve all his manly facades into the childlike heart, and feel all his suppressed grief, hopes and pains held there.

This gives him the power to overcome any enemy or obstacle no matter how insurmountable it seems. This is the hero’s journey.

Often you may stumble, you may fail, and close your heart in despair. That’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect, or superman strong. You don’t have to win every time. All you need is to love yourself enough to get up again, to keep opening to love – and to know that you are loved no matter what the outcome is. You are never unworthy.

This is truly living in the heart of the masculine essence.

The hero is humanity’s immune system, never fighting an unnecessary battle, always relaxed and supple – but in the hour of need, he is forceful beyond measure, ready to take down a threat and eliminate it immediately, with no malice or cruelty. crop2

Often, it isn’t glamorous like it appears in the heroic movies, where the enemy is clear and can be fought with weapons and adrenalin.

The bloody battle can simply be turning the TV off and sharing your fears and emotions with your lover, and listening to hers. Allowing yourself to admit that your young boy still craves his mother’s love.

It can mean standing firm in your heart’s convictions in the face of corporations, and governments, who threaten earth herself.

The truth is, if you follow your heart, Love will guide you to your battlegrounds – outward and inner – so you can find peace.

And know as you do, that you are supported, not only by all your brothers and sisters on earth at this time, but by all those ancestors who have lived and breathed since the very beginnings of time.

They are by your side also, willing Love to win.


Give thanks to all the mothers, sisters and wives throughout all of human existence on earth.

To all those women who have birthed sons, carried them in their Wombs, nourished them with the milk from their breasts, who would have died to protect them. Who have loved all their sons fiercely and tenderly. Their Love includes you – you are their son too.

To all those sisters who have held their brothers in the deepest love, the highest respect. Who have believed totally in the power and purity of their brothers’ hearts and have never lost that faith. You are their brother too, and they still have complete faith in you.

To the lovers and wives who have loved their men so deeply, so completely, with such a passion that death itself could not break the bond. These women have held their husbands in their hearts, wombs and prayers, always, with every fibre of their being. They have surrendered and given themselves to love, to stand by their men. They stand by you too, they embrace you completely with their love.

If a woman has loved one man truly, she has loved all men.

Give thanks to all the fathers, brothers and husbands throughout all of existence on earth.

To all the fathers who have supported and protected their pregnant women, guarding the lives of their unborn children. Who have wept as their children were born, vowing to bring them up in love and safety – and have even laid down their lives in honor of this duty. You too are their son, they would still give everything to protect you.

To the brothers, who have stood side by side with their kin in every battle, bound together by the deepest friendship. Who have given their brothers courage and support, when they have stumbled. Who have been there in the darkest moment, holding the torch of hope. They are your brothers too, they are with you in your darkest hour.

To the husbands who have held the feminine in the highest honor and love, who have allowed their women to open and bloom like flowers, and supported and cherished them in every moment. Who have known that only when the masculine and feminine stand together, as equals, reunited in love, can earth be paradise again. These men are guiding you, as you reunite with the feminine.

Give thanks to the Ancient Mothers and Ancient Fathers, we have inherited this beautiful earth from them. Their traumas, their pains, their love, their hopes are ours too. Their home is our home too.

One day your children will inherit this earth. Let’s make it paradise for them, and do everything in our power to return mankind to Love.

© Azra and Seren Bertrand, Fountain of Life, 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Artist Credits (in order of appearance): 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti ‘Paolo and Francesca da Rimini’