Vow of the Grail Knight

Vow of the Grail Knight

I give myself to the Great Remembering

I serve only Love and our evolution in Love

I vow to anchor the true Divine Masculine on Earth

I vow to anchor the true Divine Masculine in my Heart

I vow to leave no shadow unloved, no wound without balm

I walk the Path of Love, I commit to our Return to Innocence

I strip away all my armor and leave my heart undefended

I embrace all my feelings; nothing is forbidden or left out

My strength is my surrender to the Divine Flow

I vow to take any actions needed to awaken – by my actions I am known

I honor my pristine sexuality as a Gift of Life, wild and free

I long to merge with the Ecstatic Innocence of Love in All

Sacred Relationship is my sacrament, the Womb my temple

I vow to return my Male Shakti to the Power of Pure Love

To embody the sacred powers of Conscious Conception

My life is part of a greater tapestry, I offer all to this weaving

Holding the essence of the Pure Land from whence we came

Beloved Divine Mother, bear witness to my vow.