Holy Womb of Renewal

The Story of Jesus’s crucifixion and 3 day descent in a ‘Tomb’ followed by a day of Resurrection mirrors exactly the earlier Ancient Goddess Menstrual Mysteries that honored the Womb’s power of renewal.

During the first 3 days of menstruation, all the life-giving blood vessels and stem cell capabilities that have been built up in the Womb to hold new life, begin to be dismantled. The first day of this process – essential to the renewal of life – was rewritten as a ‘death’ in patriarchy, as the Womb was rewritten as a Tomb. The Womb undergoes a 3 day ‘death’ process.

After 3 days of ‘death and descent’ as the Womb lining and all her life-giving stem cells are released, on day 4 (even if the Womb is still bleeding) the blood vessels begin their creative journey of preparing to hold life again, and rejuvenating stem cells awaken to support life. This could be termed a ‘resurrection of life’. The Womb/Tomb holds this power of death and rebirth.

The Indian Baul mystics knew this secret and in their Sexual Mysteries, making love on the 4th day of menstruation was the most sacred and powerful time. The first burst of stem cells creates a powerful alchemy, which communed with in Sacred Union can transport couples into deep dimensions of love or ‘heaven’, ‘nirvana’, ‘elysium’, ‘fairyland’. Because of this, in later traditions making love during menstruation became taboo.

In Ancient Goddess Menstrual Mysteries death was renewal, and the Great Womb was this portal of renewal. The universe was a uterus a Yoniverse.
The ‘Power of Renewal, Rebirth, and Resurrection’ was always associated with the Womb and the Divine Mother, never with male gods – although a later tradition of Sacred Kings who had to die to replenish the lands developed.

The Womb and menstrual blood was the only vessel that could ‘die’ or shed blood through love, creation and renewal not suffering and physical death. The cross itself is an ancient symbol, which predates christianity, and was originally a symbol of and an esoteric ‘map’ of the Great Womb.

The Holy Grail is the Womb. Whom does She serve? Life, Love, Creation.

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