The Future of Our Children, The Future of Our World

Sacred Parenting: The Future of Our Children, The Future of Our WorldSacred Parenting, Mother and Child

Along our Journey Home, we realize that to heal our physical body, we must heal our emotional body.  And, conversely, to heal our emotions, we must also heal physically.  The two are inseparable – they are a single tapestry seamlessly woven together.  Pull on any one strand, and the whole is affected. And, the foundation of both are formed in the Womb and first few years of life.

When a mother experiences the death of a loved one during pregnancy, her child is more likely to be depressed, anxious and have a higher risk schizophrenia later in life.  The emotions she experiences literally rewires the child’s brain. Likewise, when a child responds poorly to a set of vaccinations, the lasting emotional effects can range from autism to attention deficit and anxiety.  Or when a child is exposed to a toxin in the womb, such as a pesticide or any number of others, the effect can range from diabetes to lowered IQ to depression.  A child whose brain and biology is sensitized to stress will later develop more cancer, more heart attacks and more auto-immune illness.

When our physical health declines, it becomes much more difficult for us to fully access our inherent spiritual, psychic and emotional capacities. The visionary Rudolph Steiner noticed this trend in human health even 100 years ago, saying that he could not fulfill his spiritual mission on earth because he had to address remedial health problems, educational problems and the like in order to prepare future generations for a full spiritual experience.

But, with Love, Courage, and a Decision to Follow Our Hearts at whatever cost, all of this can change very quickly.