Soulmate Union – The Path of Love

We are being called to allow Love to lead the way…

Azra and Seren Bertrand in Sacred UnionLove brings you back home. Meeting your Soulmate is like returning home after a long search. It also means returning home to your true self – and that can be humbling. All the places you’ve hidden away become exposed. You feel raw, vulnerable, naked. All your masks and defences are stripped away. When someone else loves you unconditionally, accepts all of you it leads you to the unthinkable – loving yourself unconditionally, accepting all parts of yourself.

All the places we can’t love ourselves, are where we can’t love another. We have to dissolve these blocks and resistances to truly open into Soulmate Union. You may think you are ‘evolved’ or that you have done enough ‘spiritual work’ – but Soulmate love will shine the torch into your furthest corners of darkness. You will discover parts of yourself lost for years, and gently love them back to life.

Soulmate Union is nothing like you imagined it. It feels like part of you returning to yourself – so there is no crazy sexual chemistry of opposite poles attracting, and then repelling, in an endless cycle of passion and drama. There are no games, no ‘pretending’ to be someone, no second-guessing of what someone else wants.

It is a meeting of Heart and Soul, in tenderness, embrace, gentleness and pure Love. It is also deeply joyous, playful and bathed in childlike innocence. You are returned to your pure essence, and this openness connects you to everything.It feels like you are ‘Reborn’ – taking your first steps again, seeing this world through new wonder-filled, Lovestruck eyes. The Love you have for your Beloved melts into a Love for Life, for Source of Life, for others. It is a Love without boundaries, it is infinite but also very intimate and personal. It is truly magical.

Many gifts of the heart, Womb and psyche open up and manifest in Soulmate Union. Telepathy, shared dreams, instant emotional intuition. Expanded ecstatic states of altered awareness, Heart orgasms transmitting the pleasure of Love between you, multi-dimensional orgasms that transport you both to the Heart of Creation and hold you there for hours in waves of expanding Love. You know you are ‘One’ person, and looking at the other is like staring into a profound mirror.

Azra and Seren Bertrand, marrying in Sacred UnionIt also requires complete commitment, transparency and vulnerability. A field of Love surrounds you, like the ‘Pod Consciousness’ found in Whales and Dolphins. Any dishonesty or holding back warps the field. You will both feel it instantly. No part of you can remain locked away or not shared. There are no hiding places. It feels like turning yourself inside out to reveal your innermost workings – both good and bad. Your greatest gifts reveal, as do your deepest wounds. It takes courage to keep opening, to keep revealing, to keep allowing all of you to be seen.

This is the Path of Love – it will ‘undo’ you, in the sense it will unravel all the wounded parts of you that have separated from Love and from the feeling-reality of the interconnectedness of all existence. You will be Awakened into Innocence.

Many mystics have spoken of the ‘Oneness of Love’ whilst alone on a mountain. Now a different way is opening in the world – one of Union, of togetherness, of deep, deep intimacy with all of life, through the heart, through the Womb.