Flower Essences

Divine Diva Flower Essences are Vibrational Remedies infused with the life force, energetic patterns, consciousness and Intelligence of the “Flower, Gemstone, Crystal, Tree or Land.” They are made with plant spirit medicine and energetically charged water that is preserved with brandy. They are non aromatic and carry within them profound healing potential, helping to resolve imbalances and restore mental, physical, emotional and spiritual harmony, bringing back balance to our energetic fields. The benefits are deep rooted and long lasting.


These powerful Spirit Flower Essences are made by Lorin Purifoy. “They carry a high frequency and are crafted with Reverence, Ceremony, Intuitive Guidance and are aligned with the sky. Prior to crafting a wildflower, crystal/gemstone, tree or ‘power spot’ essence, Lorin begins by connecting first with the Essence or Consciousness and asking for permission along with other communications and processes. Every step, from creation to bottling is an Intuitively Guided process. These empowering Spirit Flower Essences can work in a ‘layering effect’, bringing awareness around blocks, patterns and/or beliefs that you are ready to clear and heal, as well as giving you gentle emotional support. They also work through our physical body, moving through the meridian channels and other energetic stations. And because these essences are a part of the Earth, they embody the Elements and help us connect deeper with Gaia.”


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