“Womb Awakening births the richness of your inner beauty and spiritual treasures, which already live within you. You will journey along the inner shamanic dream paths for a powerful and magical journey of profound soul transformation and feminine awakening.

The 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is for women, men and couples – and features an Online Immersion & an Intensive 7-Day Teacher Training Retreat. Have you heard the Sacred Call?  

Online Course starts on January 13th


The 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is a deeply awakening immersion into the sensual, radiantly alive and soulfully luminous realms of Womb Consciousness – birthing you directly into the dimension of the Living Grail Light, and the wild flow of Shakti.

The online course (Spiral 1) and in-person retreat (Spiral 2) are designed to help you embody and ‘become the teachings’ of the ancient feminine spiritual paths that once held sway in every culture of the world. The 9 Moon Apprenticeship offers you a lived, embodied experience of the wisdom teachings, and is a companion to the forthcoming book, “Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom of the Creatrix of All Life” by Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand (Inner Traditions, Bear & Co, August 2017).

This shamanic journey will guide you deep into your inner worlds and the mystical dimensions of Spirit – catalyzing healing, awakening your authentic Womb or Hara power, and immersing you in the wisdom of the ancient feminine healing arts and practice of Shamanic Rebirthing. During this transformational journey, you will open into the Sacred Union of your true Feminine/Masculine Essence, and embody your flowing, primordial Wild Shakti Power – which manifests love into being.

It is time to birth your gifts into the world. You were born to do this. You are vital thread in the Web of Light!

By entering this “Moon College” – a Grail Mystery School of the Feminine Arts – you will rediscover your soulful feminine lunar pathways (for men as well), and connect your Womb or Hara back to the Center of Creation – the Universal Womb. This is the most revolutionary path on the planet at this time, and part of the ‘great rebirth’ that the Mayans prophesied.

This sacred call is resonating through the cosmos, the call of our age – can you hear it?

You will also be immersed in the secret feminine mystery teachings of the ancient Womb Cosmology, whose wisdom threads are found in every spiritual tradition, including Mayan, Celtic, Tibetan, Buddhist, Tantric, Sufi, Egyptian, Aramaic, and Gnostic-Christian. You will discover how to embody these mysteries in your own life – and how these ancient ways are the key to healing our current world and birthing a New Earth.

What people are saying….

“This is a deep, rich, journey of healing and
reweaving of magic and wholeness”

“This pathway of Womb Awakening is transforming
me into “Bliss In Body”

“The most profound and potent healing work
and it will change your life.”

Are your ready to enter the Womb of Transformation?

Spiral 1 – 9 Moon Apprenticeship Online Immersion

Starts on 13th January 2018, for 9 months. 

Time Commitment: 1 Hour per Day, in your own Home  

Exchange: $1,888 ($1,222 – $1,888 sliding scale scholarship for financial hardship) 

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You will Experience: Long Distance Energy Transmissions, Shamanic Ceremonies, Enchanted Hypnotic Meditations, Core Wound Healing, Pilgrimage through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel, Sexual Awakening, Relationship Healing, Body-Prayers, Sacred Dance & Sound Healing, Tele Circles, and Membership to a Supportive Worldwide Womb Circle of WombShamans. 

This is an embodied, bio-energetic, 9-month gestational journey – which will literally rebirth you – bringing you fully into your body, your soul, your deepest feelings and desires, and helping you embrace and heal your shadows.

You will ‘come alive’ and awaken your creative Shakti Power and embody the beauty of your Soul, connecting it to the Power of your Womb and the Loving Wisdom of your Heart to become a Grail Light of the World.

Men and those in Sacred Union are welcome into the Apprentice Circle; this is a journey that fully includes, embraces and unites the feminine and masculine.

Traditionally this work was taught by Beloveds living in Sacred Union together.

Every Awakened Womb and Hara has its own unique Sacred Signature – your contribution to the Divine Weaving of this work is incredibly valuable.

*Note: To be a certified teacher of this work – including offering workshops, circles and one-on-one healing and awakening sessions, you must complete a Spiral 1 online immersion, a Spiral 2 in-person retreat, and the Descent into the Underworld Course, in any order you choose.

Spiral 2 – 7-Day Teacher Training Retreat

When? Please look on the Retreat page.  

For Spiral 2 retreats held by Natalie Zukerman and Jacqui Ward in Australia and Asia, please look on the retreat page for updated events. Or please contact Natalie personally through the contact form.

Time Commitment: 7 – 9 Days*

Exchange: Varies from US$1,988 – $2,333* depending on location, and whether it is a 7, 8 or 9 Day TT (includes tuition, food, accommodation, but not transportation to event). 8 and 9 Day TT’s include a pilgrimage day to a sacred site. *Note*: prices may be subject to currency fluctuations when held outside of the U.S.

You will Experience: A magical, transformational, and experiential “Moon College” education, featuring Shamanic Ceremonies, Regression Techniques, Core Wound Healing & Grief Ceremonies, Pilgrimage through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel, Body-Prayers, Sacred Dance & Sound Sounds of the Womb, Basic Womb Anatomy & Feminine Meridian Points, Leadership Coaching, Q&A Sessions and a Supportive Environment to Empower Your Own Sacred Vocation. 

The Spiral 2 Seven-Day Teacher Training Retreat can be taken on its own, or alongside the Spiral 1 course. In the Spiral 2 retreat you will learn the tools and techniques to assist others in their Womb Awakening journey. You will be guided and trained to hold Womb Awakening Workshops, Womb Grief Rituals, Sacred Womb Sounding Workshops, 4 Womb Elements Workshops, Moon Circles and more. FOL teaching certification depends on your completion of the Spiral 1 Online immersion as well, see below, but the Spiral 2 retreat is a deep journey and experiential learning in its own right, and can be taken independently of Spiral 1, for your own learning and personal development, and/or to weave Womb Awakening teachings into your own sacred vocation along with other healing arts.

As part of the Spiral 2 Seven-Day Teacher Training Retreat, you will receive a 120-page Womb Awakening Teacher Manual created by founders Dr Azra Bertand, MD & Seren Bertrand, filled with practical guidance, exercises, journey scripts, workshop plans, and pearls of wisdom from their combined experience of 40 years of assisting others on spiritual and healing journeys, and having worked with more than 25,000 people.

Upon completion of the Spiral 1 Online Apprenticeship and the Spiral 2 Teacher Training Retreat, as well as the Descent into the Underworld 30-Day course (which can be taken at any time), you will be certified by FOL to teach this work to others in both group and individual settings.

Certified FOL teachers / mentors are also eligible to join the Womb Awakening Graduate Program and Graduate Womb Circle, a supportive and inspiring program and community to help you birth your own Sacred Vocation, as well as your continued journey with the Fountain of Life teachings.

Now is the time to align your vocation to your deepest soul purpose, and support others in their Womb Awakening journey. Be the Womb of Light that shines out into the world!


Which Spiral is calling you?


wombAre your ready to enter the Womb of Transformation?


PLEASE NOTE: Spiral 1 and Spiral 2 can be taken in any order, or at the same time – it is not a linear process. Follow your intuition and Womb Guidance! If you wish to be a certified teacher of this work and a Womb Mentor, you will need to complete both Spiral 1 and Spiral 2. Signing up for Spiral 1 + Spiral 2 at the same time qualifies you for a $222 discount.

Spiral1 Thumbnail~ Spiral 1, The Womb Awakening 9-Moon Apprenticeship – An Online Immersion and Personal Journey

A 9-month transformational journey for your own personal healing and awakening 

Exchange – $1,888*  ($1,222-$1,888 Sliding Scale honor-system for financial hardship)  with monthly payment plans available, and a $222 discount if you register for Spiral 2 at the same time. Or $2,444*($1,666 – $2,444) for “Pods” – couples journeying together in sacred relationship. Monthly payment plans available.

Click here to Download Spiral 1 Course Information   … or scroll down to read more

Click here to Download an Personal Information Form: Womb Awakening | Hara Awakening – this is to be completed AFTER registering.

~ Spiral 2, Seven-Day Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat

A 7 – 9 Day intensive teacher training retreat, held in beautiful locations around the world, to prepare you to share Womb Awakening as a Sacred Vocation.

Exchange – $2,200 USD for 7 Day retreats ,  ($666 deposit to hold your place). Retreats in other countries will be paid for in local currency – e.g. Euro, UK £, Australian Dollar, etc. Monthly payment plans may be available.

For Spiral 2 retreats held by Natalie Zukerman and Jacqui Ward in Australia and Asia, please look on the retreat page for updated events. Or please contact Natalie personally through the contact form.

Click here to Download Spiral 2 Course Information   … or scroll down to read more

Click here to Download an Personal Information Form: Womb Awakening | Hara Awakening – this is to be completed AFTER registering.

Further Details! Awakening into the Flow of Shakti….

Over the Spiral 1 Nine Moon Apprenticeship, you will be immersed in many Sacred Womb and Hara healing and activating practices, embracing different ancient and modern lineages across the globe, including Tibetan Khandros and Dakinis, Gnostic Christian Shamanism, Womb Blood Mysteries, Celtic Grail, Japanese Shen Shakti, Egyptian Mysteries, indigenous Spirit Keeper, Ancient Mother Goddess + many more. 

You will also be immersed in the lost Shakti teachings of Yeshua and Magdalene, uniting them with the teachings of Love – merging the Dragon with the Dove.

Your Womb Awakening will Spiral your Feminine and Masculine into harmony, activate your Kundalini, dormant Feminine DNA & Shakti stem cells. It will awaken your wild, primal erotic creature and your tender, sacred heart – and merge these two flows into loving Sacred Union, bringing you deeper into Self-Love, Sacred Relationship, or attracting your Soulmate.

You will flow in the feminine currents of Womb Awakening Dance, Womb Sound Frequency, Shakti Alchemy, Sacred Storytelling & Ceremony, Healing Arts, Shamanic Sexual Healing, Core Emotional Healing, Menstrual Mysteries, Womb Biology & Birthing.

This Apprenticeship will also initiate you as a Spirit Keeper of the Womb – fully living your soul purpose as an embodied emissary of Divine Mother here on earth.

During the 9-Moon Apprenticeship you will receive:

~  Transformational course materials of a Grail Mystery School, including:

~ Sacred Shamanic Sexuality & Shakti Stem Cell Awakening

~ Birth Imprint & Core Wound Imprint

~ Cellular and Spiritual Rebirthing

~ Sacred Grail Union & Soulmate Reunion

~ Song, Dance and Prayer in the Temple of the Feminine Arts

~ Lunar Cycles & Shamanic Menstruation

~ Sound Journey Through the Womb

~ The Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel

~ Journey Through the 8 Grail Gates of the Womb.

~ Long Distance Energy Transmissions/Initiations

~ Audio Meditations and Audio Shamanic Journey Guidance

~ Live Tele-Circles & Podcasts To Support Your Womb Awakening Journey

~ Daily and Bi-Monthly Womb Awakening Practices and Creative Projects.

~ Access to an Online ‘Womb Circle’ Forum and Worldwide Womb Community

You will Spiral in a non-linear way through all three shamanic worlds….


Upperworld, the Cosmic Womb

~ Energy Transmissions and Healings from the Womb of  Creation

~ Connecting to Your Divine Feminine Spirit Guides

~ Womb Light Body Practices and Auric Rebirthing

~ The Alchemy of Sound, Dance, Breath and Body-Prayers

~ The Power of Prayer and Opening to the Flow of Love



Middleworld, Your Personal Womb

~ Powerfully Transformative Feminine Breathwork Practices 

~ Sacred Practices & Wisdom from the Temple of the Feminine Arts

~ Awakening the Wisdom of the Voice of the Womb Within

~ Relationship & Sexual Healing, & Sacred Union Wisdom

~ Cutting Edge Sacred Science, Womb Biology & Anatomy




 Underworld, the Womb of Gaia

~ Reconnecting to the Power of the Feminine and Lunar Cycles

~ Sacred Practices & Wisdom from the Ancient Womb Shamans

~ Powerful Shamanic Ceremonies & Reconnections with the Web of Life

~ Past Life & Co-Emergent Life Regressions & Journeys

~ Epigenetic DNA, Core Wound, & Ancestral Healing & Rebirthing